Can you use vaseline on your vag webcam

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As for your vulva, water is best, but you can use a gentle, unscented soap if you really want — just steer clear of chemicals and take note of any itching or burning. No matter what it is, if it's been in your butt, thoroughly wash it before you put it in your vag. Also, we can never be reminded of this enough: wipe front to back when on you're on the toilet bowl. 8. The vaseline molecules are too large to be absorbed through your skin, and vaseline doesn’t contain anything that would support the growth of bacteria. If you are using condoms or . If you plan to put the toy inside your vagina, first be sure that there are no instructions on the packaging that say "for external use only"—and if you do spot any, take them seriously.
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can you use vaseline on your vag webcam
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